Owen Claassen:  Kite Boy

Owen Claassen: Kite Boy

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Size:  52cm x 36cm x 18cm

Medium:  Recycled Steel

Variable edition of 15

The sculpture, made from scrap metal, shows the joys of being a child, and anyone can relate to and takes one back to your roots.  Owen Claassen manages to capture the emotion in his sculptures perfectly as this sculpture illustrates. 

Owen Claassen, affectionately known as the Karoo Michaelangelo, was born and still resides in Zoar in the Klein Karoo. Since early childhood, he was very creative and made the best toy cars for his friends using scrap metal and wire. In high school, he had Woodwork as one of his subjects but soon discovered that he was much more interested in welding. Claassen worked for different welding companies, and in his spare time, he made metal figurines, candleholders, and bedside lamps, using themes from his cultural background. Claassen’s early childhood memories and the known familiar world around him serve as inspiration for his artwork. His work has a colloquial emphasis, beautifully depicting life inspired by the Karoo countryside.