Chris Slabber:  O’dalisque_08

Chris Slabber: O’dalisque_08

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Size:  60cm x 84.6 (A1)

Edition of 25

Medium: Photograph, Giclee print on premium satin stock

In 2019 I did a trip through Namibia. Its something I try to do as much as possible because this place is made for photography. One thing I wanted to achieve was to treat different rock formations as if they were models draped over a Chaise Longue like the Neo-Classical paintings of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. Because of the very dry nature of the Namibian landscape, my color palette was inspired by the works of classic South African painter Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef. 

The reason behind the portrait orientation was because of A: My wide-angle lens kicked the bucket early on into the trip, but I also wanted to illustrate the vastness of the Namibian landscapes by incorporating almost 80% sky and essentially breaking free from the typical rule of thirds composition.

Growing up in the Klein Karoo, Chris was influenced from a young age by humble surroundings.  It was here where he developed his imagination that would eventually fuel his creativity.  Mostly known for his photography and manipulation techniques, Slabber likes to focus on the subconscious.  "My goal is to give the audience an escape from their reality.  A chance to forget about the physical realm.  Art should be a release and not a reminder."  After 12 years of working as a professional in both commercial and fine arts, Chris has received multiple awards for his work, of which the most prestigious was 2014, 2018, and 2019 Platinum award for Photo Manipulation at the A'Design Awards in Como, Italy.  Alongside this Chris is also the 2018 A'Design Awards, Designer of the Year.