Leandri Erlank:  Yield

Leandri Erlank: Yield

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Size:  70cm x 100cm 

Medium:  Charcoal on paper


“As an artist, I am constantly exploring new ways to depict that which I believe in and connect with in the most honest way possible. I trust that the viewer will experience something when looking at work that was created with passion, but also with the context that is personal to the artist. This is the power of art. 

Every day, especially in the current climate, we are faced with so many challenges. We are surrounded by violence, unjust treatment, pandemics, and corruption to name only a few. The world seems to be flung into chaos, and the only choice we have is the way we react to it. I choose to cling to my faith and to rise against the unjust- to not stay silent. I will use my strength and my voice, given to me by the ever-risen God. My art is my voice. I think everyone is blessed with a certain gift, and together we can rise above circumstances by using our gifts to empower others.”  


“I believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to make use of the abilities they have received to help build a better world and future. By lifting people up and enabling them to realise their full potential, we are building a stronger nation. MAD has created an opportunity for me to help others while still focusing on my work and passion.”   Leandri Erlank

Work Experience

  • Assistant to Ledelle Moe (Sculptor) – 2015
  • Studio assistant to Louis Janse Van Vuuren in France – 2016
  • Apprenticeship at Lionel Smit – 2017