Ella Cronje:  Icarus

Ella Cronje: Icarus

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Medium:  Bronze
10 x 10 x 28cm high
Edition of 5

Ms. Ella Cronjé is a South African artist/sculptor based in the city of Cape Town. Prior to becoming a professional within the field of fine and applied Arts, she specialized in ceramic production and design for 14 consecutive years. It was during these constructive years as a full-time ceramicist that she acquired many of the distinctive process skills (as well as the technical dexterity) that now enable her to realize a miscellany of contentious sculptures. Her conceptual aptitude and consistent interest in myths, fables, and legends provide her with a diversity of subversive multi-cultural narratives to rethink, re-contextualize and re-assemble. 


Although Ella received mentorship and guidance from several established artist friends and colleagues, she functions predominantly as a self-taught artist. By perceiving every new day as raw potential for the imagining of new transmutations, beasts, seraphs or hybrid objects, she allows the unexpected to guide her deeper into a fantastic psychological arena - a fertile mind-space that facilitates the continuous birth of highly intricate symbolic sculptures