Elizabeth Balcomb:  Young Girl
Elizabeth Balcomb:  Young Girl

Elizabeth Balcomb: Young Girl

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Size:  39cm x 10cm x 9cm

Medium:  Bronze with mild steel base 

Edition of 20

"I was approached by MAD to donate sculptures a couple of years ago, and after reading up about this organization, I felt honored to participate in this movement whose positive impact on our collective future is impossible to predict, but is significant.  

By caring for the future of disadvantaged children who have talent, MAD is caring for the future of South Africa.  This organization has recognised that it is education that gives hope for a prosperous future, one that will allow a family to leave behind entrenched poverty that they may have experienced for generations.   

The divide between the rich and poor is getting bigger and societal issues caused by this are increasing.  Surely the solution to this issue and the creation of a new system will come from a child born into poverty, and given an opportunity for education. 

With support from citizens who care for the future of the country, and who have agency, this is an opportunity for all involved to make a small difference in righting the wrongs of apartheid.

Our government has failed the people about improving educational opportunities for its citizens, and it is actions like these, that will make possible the changes in South Africa that we all want to see."  Elizabeth Balcomb