Driekie van Wyk:  Lingering in the shadow...knowingly

Driekie van Wyk: Lingering in the shadow...knowingly

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Size:  100cm x 100cm

Medium:  Acrylic on stretched canvas

Driekie van Wyk is a Cape Town-based artist that specializes in modern contemporary paintings. She is intrigued by the mystery that lies behind facial expressions and therefore loves to paint portraits. She captures the emotion in her subject’s eyes through the use of bold brush strokes and a pallet knife.

Her use of different colours that don’t resemble true skin tone, speaks to the diversity that can be found in every person. Her style is chaotic yet precise and she never plans her colour scheme in advance, so the end result is most of the time achieved by tapping into her creativity at the moment.

Her work is bold and striking and has the ability to transform any space. She has sold works locally as well as internationally putting her well on her way as an emerging talent to watch in the future.