Nanette Ranger:  Seated Icarus

Nanette Ranger: Seated Icarus

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Size:  32cm (height) x 35cm (length) x 15cm (width)       

Medium:  Cold Marble Casting, Mild Steel & Copper Wire

Edition of 24

The sculpture is about Icarus, the son of Daedalus who escapes imprisonment. He flies by means of artificial wings, but he falls into the sea and drowns when the wax of the wings melts as he flies too near the sun.  In a contemporary sense, the question arises, are our technologies destined to ultimately lead to our downfall?

Nanette Ranger studied Fine Art at UOFS and has been working as a sculptor for the past 30 years. She is the founding member and owner of the Nanette Ranger Art Studio in Paarl, Western Cape, where, along with her sculpture team, she produces sculptures in materials as varied as Bronze, Cold Marble Casting, and black Wattle Bark.

 Nanette believes that art ignites life and she shares this joy with her students young and old. For her, art is an enriching lens that intensifies the physical and metaphysical experience of the world for both the artist and the viewer. She is inspired visually and conceptually by the world around her, blending natural textures and materials with her love for the human form. Her work seeks to explore and reflect upon the metaphysical power gained from a personal immersion in the natural world. It considers the duality of this connection and the possibility it offers for reconnecting with an intrinsic self.