Collen Maswanganyi:  Raided and Doomed

Collen Maswanganyi: Raided and Doomed

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Medium:  Corkwood and acrylic

Size:  29cm x 32cm x 35cm


"As an Artist, my education was sponsored and this lifted a lot of burden off my shoulders. This made things easy for me to study than to worry much about paying for my education which was not that easy for my parents. After my studies, sponsorships continued to help my career and I became an artist that I am today.


So when MAD approached me, I felt the need to participate in helping their worthy cause Of Educating the less advantaged just like me back then. I donated artworks that sold well so far.


So instead of keeping my work, it makes me happy to see it contributing to Educating the nation.


 I always like to keep my work and sell whenever I feel that I can get something good out of it. Art for me is like wine, it’s an investment. The older it gets, the more good sales I can get from it but donating for a good cause is not a loss at all."  Collen Maswanganyi


Collen was born on 17 January 1977 in a rural village called Noblehoek near Giyani Limpopo Province, South Africa. He comes from an artistic family and his father is a well-known sculptor.

After obtaining his diploma he worked as a full-time artist.

Just like his father, he works with wood. He paints most of his sculptures. He sometimes makes life-size sculptures. "My art is about the old and the new. I look at life generally where I make sculptures dressed in African and modern ways. I look at technological development. My most popular works involve people or couples speaking on phones or people dressed modestly."

His works are collected by private people, corporates, museums, and galleries. His aim is to exhibit internationally just like his father and other sculptors from his region like Jackson Hlungwani, Noria Mabase, and others.