About Us

Since the inception of MAD Leadership Foundation in 2003, Founder and Chairman, Francois Pienaar has had an inspiring vision to provide educational access to deserving scholars with leadership potential (but who face economic and other barriers) through an individualised and personal approach. Through the comprehensive, personal and long-term support we offer, we develop an alumnus of MAD Leadership Foundation Fellows who will invest back into South Africa and who will be a powerful force for positive change in their unique way and leaders in their own right.
As part of our comprehensive scholarship programme, we focus on the leadership development of our scholars. Our Leadership Learning Model is built on three pillars namely Leadership of Self, Leadership of Others and Leadership in Society. Through engaging our three domains of change - Education and Employability; Agency and Resilience; Social Awareness and Community - Make A Difference Leadership Foundation focuses on identifying, supporting and developing future leaders. By offering scholars support in the areas of personal, academic and leadership development each scholar is supported from their year of inception on the programme throughout their high school and tertiary degree.
By providing financial assistance as well as the support necessary to overcome any obstacles, each scholar has a chance to be successful. Our programme, underpinned by core values ensure success by focusing on the individual needs of each scholar, in order to provide comprehensive support for the duration of their academic career.
For more information please visit our website at www.madleadership.org